How to Pay Admission Fee?

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Candidates are warned that if anybody does not get admitted in the Engg./Arch. Faculty in the offered department within the announced scheduled date, the offer will be permanently cancelled and that is irreversible.

Download Payment Deposit Slip

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    Login into admission account ( and go to "Application menu".

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    Click on the Target Application Status link.

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    ✔ If you are eligible for admission, you will get a link to download One bank payment deposit slip. Download the deposit slip and print it on an A4 size page.

Allowed mode of payments are - Cash and Pay Order.

Cheque and Demand Draft payments are not acceptable.

✔ If you choose "Pay Order" as the Payment method, please write down "Pay Order No""Issuing Date""Bank Name", and "Branch Name" in ALL THREE parts of the Deposit slip.

✔ Please check the following information on the downloaded payment deposit slip very carefully.

Student's Name
Serial Number

✔ You must write down "Depositor's Name" and "Depositor's Mobile Number" in ALL THREE parts of the Deposit slip.

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    ✔ After printing and fillup the "Payment Deposit Slip" with proper information, please go to any One Bank Branch from the list below and Pay the fees to complete your admission process.

 List of One Bank Branches where an applicant can pay the admission fee.

✔ For any confusion and clarification please contact the numbers as mentioned below -

Regarding admission process related matters:

Engg/Arch: 8870422 Ext: 400-500, 01773500054, 01674225519, 01631428990
BBA: 01918317168

Call Time: From: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Program Migration Instruction

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    ✔ You must check your admission account for "Program Migration" opportunity.

    ✔ You must provide your positive acknowledgement on the "Program Migration" offer.

    ✔ Without positive acknowledgement, the "Program Migration" offer will be auto-canceled and you won't be considered for future migrations.

    👉 An applicant is allowed to migrate at most two programs.